PHP Programming

PHP is one of a type of programming language. It is pretty similar to almost every other coding computer code and it is “Open Source” so that it is free for individuals to use. PHP stands out from the other programming languages because it is pretty simple for almost anyone to get to grips with  and free to download and install.  However to get the best results from it we recommend using a Hemel Hempstead Web Designer.

PHP is a "server-side language".  It is similar to JavaScrip as it allows you to embed scripts (little bits of program) into the HTLM code of a website page.  This gives you greater control over what is shown in the brower's (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc) window than plain HTML.

The key difference is that JavaScript is a "client-side" language which is ready and processed by the web browser, once the webpad is downloaded.  However PHP being a server-side language is run by the web server, before sending the page to the web browser.  Client-side languages give you control over how a pge appears and behaves once it appears in the browser window; server-side languages let you generate customised pages spontainiously before they are even sent to the browser.

Once the web server has processed the PHP code in the web page the results of the processing are transformed into HTML and so when the browser receives the page, all it has to read is standard HTML.

Some of the advantages of PHP is that there are no issues with browser compatibility as all browsers can read HTML.

PHP is faster as it is already processed by the time the page reaches the browser, whereas JavaScript has to run on the browser before the page can be displayed properly.

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