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Since Google has made it's latest changes to the way it ranks pages and how it decides where to show them in the search results SEO experts have found it harder and harder to make sure their website rank high in Google.  Web designers have to concentrate on all aspects of the design to ensure that it is optimised for search engines.  You must still design a site that it nice to look at, interesting and informative for users, and isn't design just for search engine optimsation, but if you bear in mind the following points as well, then you can only help your website to rank highly in Google and perhaps reach that prized No1 position.

Content is King! - Try to make the text on your website contain unique, high quality text that includes at least 500+ words per page.  Google needs too see useful content, not too many images.  If you don't want to spoil the look of your home / landing page, then add these information content pages further in to your site.

Try to keep most of the content in the top half of your screen, don't fill it with banner adverts, or header images.

The more pages the better!  Keep adding and updating content.  Add pages within the site at different levels, and make sure they all interlink around the site.

Get links to your site from other relevant websites, friends websites, facebook referrals, social bookmarking.  Every one helps.

See if you can extend your domain name registration period.  If you can purchase a 5 or 10 year domain name then it will help Google see that your website is dedicated to the longterm view and you may be rewarded with higher results positions.

Make sure you have submitted a sitemap to Google and have registered the site under your Google Webmaster Tools account.  This also gives you valuable feedback on ways you can improve your site and if there are any errors that need to be fixed.

Keep your website quick to load - don't have enormous images on every page that make it much slower to load.  Speed is one of the factors Google uses in it's algorithm.

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